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Employment Law Support For Business Owners

Workplace issues can be complicated, so you might want to get advice on what to do.

It could be important to get independent advice if you:

  • Are making a decision that could be challenged by your employees
  • Want to know the possible outcomes or risks of legal action

    It has never been more important for employers to be up to date with ever changing and complex employment law legislation. Many employers may have been lulled into a false sense of security in recent years given the dramatic fall in the number of employment tribunal claims.Tribunal fees were seen as a huge barrier to employees pursuing legal action against employers. The fees were scrapped after a Supreme Court ruling.The Ministry of Justice published a review of the fees. It revealed that the number cases taken to employment tribunals had fallen by 70 per cent after the charge was introduced four years ago.

    In light of this an employer’s exposure to this type of claim is likely to have been limited with many aggrieved employees deterred by the prospect of having to pay to pursue any feelings of injustice.


    We may be able to support you legally should you be faced with an Employment Tribunal.


    We can arrange a free review to look over your current documents and make any recommendations.


    Having up to date and legally compliant contracts of employment and handbooks is crucial to any employer. With so many legislative changes you should be reviewing your policies at least twice per year.

    B2B connections have the resources to review your current documentation for free.
    Get In touch today and arrange a free critique.


    The law exists to regulate relationships and interactions between employers and their employees. Work regulations aim to ensure a fair process is held in all areas of the business, be that in recruitment or dismissals.

    Without workplace laws, UK workers could suffer unfavourable treatment at the hands of their employer and have no way of remedying this situation. So, employment laws for employees in the UK are very important..

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