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The sector is heavily regulated, and there are various frameworks within which the organisations must operate. Within these, there is an emphasis on people management and health and safety, which means that organisations must have robust policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance.
B2B Connections are here to help.

Where there is a potential breach of regulations, the need to discipline an employee must be considered within the context of employment law and the requirement to act reasonably as an employer.

Not only can our HR experts assist with these types of issues, but we can also support your organisation with compliance of the regulations themselves.

We work with both public and private healthcare organisations and our specific knowledge in this industry allows us to develop unique solutions to overcome these challenges.

They need to comply with ever changing employment legislation, requirements from the CQC and established best practice. In addition they want to know that someone is there to point them in the right direction, and someone who understands the requirements placed upon them.


If you find yourself in a tricky situation regarding a member of staff, then please dont guess what to do.

Get The Right Documentation

Havingthe right HR documentation is key to be in a position to manage staff issues….They can also prevent the issue from happening in the first place.

A Low Cost Solution

At B2B Connections, you can simply request advice and one of our experts will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Early Years HR Advice

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